About Eshed

Eshed Heart Center was established in 2022 with the mission to provide the highest quality cardiovascular care to the residents of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut and Central Israel. Founded and staffed by experts in non-invasive cardiology and echocardiography, Eshed offers hospital-quality non-invasive cardiovascular imaging, as well as compassionate and patient-centered cardiac care.

Our services include echocardiography for adults and children, stress testing (stress echocardiography and treadmill stress ECG), and consultative cardiology. At Eshed, we are committed to providing safe, fast, and convenient access to care and accurate and timely reporting to patients and their referring physicians.


The Eshed Heart Center is located at Arar 9, Modiin on the fifth floor of the Beit Shimon building attached to the Azrieli Mall. Parking is available in the Mall’s underground parking lot.
There are signs to the Beit Shimon entrance in the parking lot, which leads you to an elevator that takes you to the Beit Shimon lobby.

The main entrance to Beit Shimon is outside of the mall at Arar 9.

From inside the mall, the easiest way to the building is to leave via the exit close to the Superpharm, and the building entrance is about 50 meters to the right.

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